My Music

I have one released album Someday When We Know written arranged, and performed by: Brad Cattadoris – Copyright 2008

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                        Someday When We Know
1.  A Dreamer                                                     7. Whispering
2. You Can                                                          8. Smile For Me
3. Stella                                                             9. Beautiful Town
4. Sensing My Way                                         10. My Life To Pursue
5. I’ll Paint You A Simple Love Story             11. Searchin
6. Someday When We Know                          12. My Gospel Guitar

Below are song samples from the album Someday When We Know:

1. A Dreamer

2. You Can

3. Stella

4. Sensing My Way

5. I’ll Paint You A Simple Love Story

6. Someday When We Know

7. Whispering

8. Smile For Me

9. Beautiful Town

10. My Life To Pursue

11. Searchin

12. My Gospel Guitar